Materials Engineering

Our software solutions make it possible to monitor a variety of CNC machines including the latest in  materials technologies such as the composites and alloys for metals used in the aviation and space industries.

Services - description

We support the monitoring of materials engineering research and research work based on new technologies and methods.

We support the monitoring of all electronic devices involved in the research process from measurement to strength testing.

Monitoring the Control-Measurement Apparatus is based on using fast data buses to transmit their online status.

We monitor the ACP production of Poland as well as other major global suppliers.

We monitor many types of programmable PLCs, mostly the leading manufacturers in Europe and in the world.

We monitor pumps and their drives by providing real time data to the monitoring system.

We monitor equipment for laboratory testing, material strength and behavior at various temp and vibration levels

Our Mission

Our mission is to communicate with every electronic device used in the process of research, measurement, production and quality control. Because we have the knowledge and create our own software solutions, we can communicate with almost any electronic device used in the research and production process.