Modern production is based more and more on computer numerical control machines or CNC machines for short. These CNC machines are employed more and more in companies and plants. And their benefits are obvious: higher productivity and quality production. Production managers also say that a CNC machine is never sick, never has a hangover, does not ever go on vacation, and does not ask for overtime pay.

Types of Monitored Machines

The MRM software we produce allows us to analyze the use of your machines on the production line regardless of its nature, type of machinery, or control.

We Monitor CNC Machines Such As:

  • lathes
  • lathe and milling
  • 2.5, 3, and 5 axial milling machines
  • Machining centers – also robotic
  • EDM
  • specialized multi-axis machine tools
  • cutters and water jets
  • measuring machines and measuring arms
  • conveyors

Virtually every machine used in production from a simple sawing blade to a complex machining center, can be monitored and remotely controlled.

Every type of mounting machine can be monitored directly – irrespective of the number of arms or functions in the process.

We can monitor all types of machines and measuring arms.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you with solutions tailed to meet your needs, regardless of the type of production, machine types, or technologies used.

We intend to provide standalone software that does not require constant IT supervisor from decision-makers. Our software will support every aspect of productivity: from making assumptions and plans to implementing those plans based off of good practices including in the software.

We know that being able to integrate our software with other enterprise IT systems is of utmost importance to you, so we can optimize those processes for you. We also provide dedicated software development services upon request.