CNC Industry

We can create dedicated software integration for any type of CNC control. We can work with the very complex and custom digital machine tool and also design your end-user ordering. We offer you remote monitoring of your CNC machines along with control over all your drives and operating parameters. It is also possible for you to connect to our web portals, creating additional value for you.


Each most complicated CNC machine tool – numerically controlled, can have full parameter monitoring without interfering with the original CNC control system. Ask us how to do it?

Do you have an unusual number of numerically controlled machine tools, custom drives, or unusual handling of your robots? Or do you have gigantic CNC machines that take up dozens of meters? – That’s no problem! We can help you.

We can handle CNC machines dedicated to the production of large-scaled items such as: railroad machines, marine engine milling, or ship propeller production. Your cooperation allow us to do more than simply monitor the activity of your CNC machine, it allows us to deeply analyze the parameters of your drives and your CNC machines’ working processes.

We can monitor the injection molding machines regardless of your CNC drive control system or control system. If you so allow it, we can also monitor the parameters of injection and the technology itself.

We can monitor a few types of machines for the various metal casting technologies. Technologies that include pressure multilevel forms, centrifugal ….

We can monitor all the presses within a CNC drive or metal forging machines.

We can monitor tube benders, plates, coils and spring benders, regardless of the drive system or CNC control.

CNC machine tools include such tools as milling cutters and cutting tools, high pressure water jets, laser beams or plasma, which allow for cutting various types of metals and plastics including composites.

Our CNC Mission

Our goal is to create an IT system that can monitor highly autonomous CNC machines that will support management in making the best decisions. This system will give your management team a synergistic understanding of a machine’s behavior as well as its performance and cost-effectiveness. Also, included in this service is a system that will relieve your manager of tasks such as service calls to correct faults or scheduling a machine tool inspection because our service automatically sends the service call.