Chemical Industry


Installations in the chemical industry are particularly sensitive to the failure of fittings, pumps and ACP – measuring and control equipment. Therefore the speed of a monitoring system is a guarantee of safety installation and quality production. This is why we provide digital monitoring systems with broad integration capabilities. Capabilities that can be integrated with many of the systems used in chemical and pharmaceutical companies.


Our digital solution monitor devices such as:

  • pumps
  • flaps
  • valves
  • flow regulators
  • conveyors
  • industrial boilers
  • fans and blowers
  • temperature and pressure measurement equipment
  • gas analyzers
  • mills and shredders
  • ACP
  • and so much more

We can monitor the operation of all chemical and pharmaceutical systems such as production installations, safety and surveillance systems, control and measurement systems, monitoring systems and analyzers for process gas analysis, mass flow meters, and other process and control systems. We can monitor any control systems used for installations such as air supply and catalyst efficiency systems and many more.

Our solution allows you to monitor both functional units and automation blocks, as well as individual components and their selected performance and measurement parameters. We can monitor and track almost any digitally programmable PLC or CNC drive.

We can monitor the analyzers which monitor and control the limits of gaseous emissions and the release of harmful substances into the environment and the extent of possible contamination. Typical applications of this solution include chemical installations in the production of active and very aggressive substances.

Our CNC Mission

Our goal is to create an IT system to monitor chemical installations with a high degree of autonomy, which support management in making the best decisions. This will give you a synergistic understanding of the behavior of your production plant and also its performance or failure. Our system will relieve your manager of tasks such as service calls to correct a fault and scheduling technical inspections of equipment because our ACP system will automatically send the service call.