General Questions

Can I use a regular network cable for communication with the CNC machines?

No, leaving unshielded cables in the cable ducts can lead to permanent damage to the CNC system. Very high self-induction stresses the power supply cables of the machine (the electronics of the CNC).

Do I have to buy any dedicated computers or servers?

Installations can be performed on the user’s hardware or provided by us, depending on the type of devices monitored, their quantity, etc.

If the client does not or can not use their own servers, our software can also work through the cloud. In this case, the Internet connection between the location of the machine park and our servers must provide adequate bandwidth.

Can I connect older RS232 port machines?

You may. However, this requires additional network devices and industrial computers to handle the signal.

Can the system work with dedicated, custom made machines?

Yes, we can connect any non-standard machine tool. We can also connect to highly specialized mass produced tools for user orders.

Can I watch a CNC machine park with my iPad?

Yes, any device that uses a modern web browser can connect to a MRM. Smartphones, tablets, and practically any modern computer should be compatible with our platform.

What languages is the MRM available in?

Polish, English, Russian, German, and Spanish. Other languages are available upon request.

What are the license prices?

Prices depend upon the method of installation, machine types, and number of machine tools. Please send any inquiries through our contact form available here.

What CNC systems does your software support?

Sinumerik, Okuma, Fanuc, Hass and many others.