In the modern machinery, automotive and aerospace industries, where we have a large share of computer-controlled machines, we have long tried to analyze processes and work on their measurements. As a result, OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness co-ordinated. It determines the total efficiency of machines and production lines and its value is calculated on the basis of three other component indicators, such as:

Availability – the ratio of scheduled time to task completion to the actual time in which the task can be performed. Availability is reduced by failures and according to the adopted method by setting up and setting up machines;
use (efficiency) – the ratio of time available to actual work. Use (performance) is understated by speed losses in performing the operation;
quality – the ratio of the number of good and defective products.
This indicator is calculated according to the following formula: OEE = Availability x Usage x Quality

Availability: 90,0%
Yield: 95,0%
Quality: 99.9%
The average OEE value for most modern manufacturing plants is approximately. The pursuit of continuous performance improvement in this way, measured by the OEE gauge, makes many plants depart from the manual form of recording and calculating manual performance factors for the use of specialized computerized production monitoring systems. The processing of signals automatically taken from the manufacturing process (eg from PLCs) of the current state of the machines, their performance, causes of downtime or micro-disruption, influences the credibility of OEE and other KPIs. This makes it possible to monitor the effectiveness of real-time machines and production processes and report them for any length of time and in any context (eg line, machine, product, change, employee). This makes it easier to understand the so-called. Deadly moves that eat time instead of using it productively. The implementation of OEE and machine monitoring is a better understanding of our best practices and technologies and increased production.

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